Utility Rates and Other Fees

Water Utilities 

Residential Deposit: $25
Business Deposit: $100

New 3/4" Service: $500
New 1" Service: $800
New 2" Service: Time/Material

Res Rates: $2.00 admin fee plus  $3.70 per thousand gallons
Bus Rates: $35 min fee plus $3.70 per thousand gallons


New Residential Service $250 
New Business Service $500

Resident Rates: $11 first 3,000 gallons and $3.70 per thousand after. Residents averaged after 3 consecutive months. Annual charge based onwater usage from January, February and March.

Business Rates: $35 minimum rate for first 3,000 gallons and $3.70 per thousand after.

Business/Other Fees

annual fee
Business License: $25 Annual Fee 
Beer License: $50 Annual Fee 
Liquor License: $50 Annual Fee 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the electric provider for Kingdom City?

Ameren U.E.: Toll Free Line 800-552-7583
Callaway Electric Cooperative: Toll Free Line 888-642-4840

Who are local propane gas providers?

GA Propane: 573-642-0813
MFA Oil: 573-642-9410

What are my Telephone/Cable/Internet Provider Options?

Kingdom Telephone: Toll Free Line 800-552-7583
Callabyte: 573-826-2371
AT&T: 800-288-2020
Charter Communications: Toll Free Line 888-438-2427

What are my Solid Waste Provider options?

Waste Management: 573-474-7411
Allied Waste Management: 573-635-8805
Bob's Trash Service: 573-592-9292

How do I reach the local Police and/or Fire Departments?

Emergency: Call 911
North Callaway Volunteer Fire Dept: 573-642-7291
Callaway County Sheriff Dept: 573-642-7291
Missouri Highway Patrol: *55

What school district covers the Village of Kingdom City?

North Callaway R-I School District Central Office Building: 2690 US Hwy 54, Kingdom City, MO 65262
Office: 573-386-2214
Info Line: 573-386-2898

Have Questions Regarding Village Codes?

All Codes for the Village of Kingdom City can be found on the online portal. You can view and print them from the online portal. If you are having difficulties accessing the online code portal please contact us for assistance.
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